What do others think….

“Paul is an effective IT change manager, who combines an enthusiasm and wide knowledge of IT capabilities with business necessities and objectives. His style is one that is open and, at times, quite robust”

Development Director, Trace Solutions

“Paul is extremely focused, knowledgeable, professional and drives hard for what he wants whilst being open and fair in business dealings. He tries to see both sides to any discussion”

Managing Director, Trace Solutions

“Paul played a key role in bridging the uncomfortable gap between the business and IT. I can safely say that the gap reduced from chasm-like proportions during Paul’s tenure during a very challenging period at DTZ”

IT Director, GIS Business Partners, DTZ

“I worked with Paul during his time at DTZ and happily endorse his skills in IT business enablement. Paul brings a creative blend of open minded but grounded thinking to the projects and initiatives he leads. In my experience Paul was invaluable in ensuring successful outcomes for all stakeholders”

Head of Cloud Services, IMGROUP

“you always knew where you stood as a supplier to his business. His strategy was always made clear and his approach was that of an inclusive partner making it an enjoyable relationship based on trust and understanding. Paul was innovative and was always able to see solutions rather than problems, he is a strategic thinker”

Director, RealFoundations Ltd